I like my dentist, I don't want to leave their office.

That’s great! We are not asking you to leave your dentist, we actually will work with your dentist and together we can create a personalized health team for you that works together to give you the best treatment possible.


You just set up in any old room?! Is it clean just like a dental office?

Rest assured, we have been through inspections that make sure we can transform the everyday room into an area that is clean and a health conscious environment. Policies & procedures are in place to control infectious materials and how we operate to stop the chain of infection.

We follow the same steps in cleaning and disinfecting a room a dentist does. Every client is treated with their own supplies and tools and then those tools are taken at the end of the day to a hospital grade sterilization facility.

Does my insurance cover dental hygiene treatments?

Yes, our procedures are covered the same as is done in a dental clinic.

If you are worried about coverage we can pre-authorize to see your coverage before we start. We try to be transparent about our prices and have basic estimates on our site, but can provide a detailed assessment based on your individual needs.

About Toof

Toof Inc. is a mobile dental hygiene service that encapsulates all the professionalism that you expect from the dental profession with all the convenience that your life can afford.