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It was great having Toof come to our school.  They took over one of our rooms for a few days and did an excellent job of making sure the environment was kept clean and everything was returned to its original place afterwards.  Ashley was really good about helping our young students feel safe and comfortable.  I had her clean my teeth as well and liked that she was very gentle.  We look forward to having Toof come again.

Sarah Burnham

Principal, Asasa

Toof doesn’t just offer teeth cleanings in school… we educate kids on oral and systematic health!

Our Process:

(1) Our Dental Hygienist(s) arrives at partnered schools to teach all students about the importance of oral and systemic health.​

(2) From there, parents are made aware that they can sign their children up to have professional dental cleanings completed by a Registered Dental Hygienist in the safety of their own school.

(3) Toof and your child’s School will determine dates when Toof will be at the school to conduct ‘toof cleanings’.  Toof will contact you to confirm appointment day and time via email.

(4) On the day of appointments, the Toof team will convert a pre-determined area in the school into a dental hygiene working space.

(5) The Dental Hygienist(s) completes personalized dental care appointment for each student.

(6) Once the appointment is complete our Dental Hygienist will send home a care package with your child.

(7) Additionally, the guardian will receive an email explaining what treatment was completed, any areas of concern, areas to work on, and a referral to your dentist if required.

(8) If you do not have a dentist, we can recommend one in your area.

Check out our FAQ section or call us at 1-587-225-4904 or email us at for more information.

About Toof

Toof Inc. is a mobile dental hygiene service that encapsulates all the professionalism that you expect from the dental profession with all the convenience that your life can afford.

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