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Keep your office moral high. Show your employees you care about their overall health and well-being by offering Toof services to your employees.

You’ll be offering a one of a kind program. Accessible oral health for your employees.

You already have provided a great health benefits package, now help your team use it, and stay healthy! With today’s economy and stresses we tend to forget to take care of what matters most, our health.

Toof helps make prevention a priority and decrease the chances of bigger problems down the road.

Plus your employees don’t need to worry, they stay with their dentist of choice. We add to their oral health team by giving them convenient and professional care right there at your office. Toof provides preventative hygiene care and dental hygiene exams between their annual dental check ups.

With Toof, employees can schedule their cleaning between their meetings, or on break. There is no waiting and no commute, so they are ready to jump back to work after a quick and thorough ‘Toof cleaning.’

And the best part is we accept all insurance plans. No matter which company your employees are covered under, Toof is the right fit.

We do all the set up, the take down, the processing… all you have to do is say yes!

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About Toof

Toof Inc. is a mobile dental hygiene service that encapsulates all the professionalism that you expect from the dental profession with all the convenience that your life can afford.