Toof Mobile Dental Hygiene. We’re on the move, and this is what that looks like…..

Toof Mobile Dental Hygiene. We’re on the move, and this is what that looks like…..

DSCN1860All of my equipment is mobile and can be packed up pretty small. Very unique and versatile tools! Let me explain them to you!

The comfy grey chair that you sit in has a head rest and allows me to lay you back and adjust the height of the chair as well! It’s like a versatile lawn chair! This chair is strong too! It weighs only 30 lbs but can hold up to 500lbs!

Everything that makes treatment possible in a dental office is compacted into my dream machine, the little grey guy on the right. This unit provides me with water, the suction, and power to polish your teeth!

I also bring a chair for me, tray on wheels to put my instruments on, and a tool-box full of all the supplies I will need for the day, room partitions for privacy, and wipe-able floor coverings for carpeted areas.

I can transform a space into my dental hygiene office in about a ½ hour! And I keep getting faster at it! At the end of the day the space where I set up, goes back to normal in about a ½ hour as well, looking exactly the same as I found it! I then take all the instruments I used to an office where I sterilize my tools so they are ready to use again. The cleaning and sterilization method is the same as how its done at a dental office or hospital. I have a protocol I follow that has been approved by my governing body, The College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta.

Overall this is my mobile dental hygiene set up. Pretty neat, I must say so myself! Give me a call… and I’ll come to you!

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