I don’t know how many times clients have asked me if I could just come to their house every night and floss their teeth for them! Would be pretty amazing to have that service right? Your own personal oral health care team!

Well what would you say if I told you, you can have your own, hand picked oral health care team!

Dental hygienists have now been able to work independently for about 6 years now! Hygienists all over the country are now opening their own private practices and mobile offices.

How can this benefit you?

1) You now have the ability to put as much effort and thought into who you choose as a hygienist, as you do with choosing a dentist.

We are a very health conscious society that wants to know all of our available choices and what can work in our busy schedules. With dental hygienists working mobile there is the choice and the convenience of receiving your oral hygiene appointments at work, at school, or even your whole family in the comfort of your own home. You can choose a hygienist and stay with the same hygienist for every appointment.

2) Maybe you don’t like the sounds of the traditional dental office?

Many of us don’t like the sound of the dental drill. Dental hygiene clinics can offer you a relaxing environment focused on prevention that doesn’t have the drill noises.

3) Dental hygienists work inter-professionally with dentists, denturists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists.

You don’t have to leave your dentist to go to a dental hygiene office. In fact, we work together as a team with your dentist and other health care professionals to provide you with the best personalized care possible.

4) Dental hygienists are your partner in prevention!

Preventative care means maintaining health, preventing diseases from happening, and being pro-active. This is the profession of dental hygiene! We provide clinical assessments and care, educate you on proper home-care, teach you about oral diseases and how your oral health correlates with your systemic health, and help you receive the treatment needed through clinical care, referrals and health promotion strategies.

Dental hygienists work in a variety of settings including public health, dental hygiene practices, dental offices, mobile offices, hospitals, long term care facilities, schools, homes and businesses. Think about us as your personal oral health care advocate. We’re happy to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile you can be confident about!

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