Can’t shake the onion, garlic, coffee breath? Gum isn’t going to fix it…

Can’t shake the onion, garlic, coffee breath? Gum isn’t going to fix it…

One reason we may get bad breath is the foods we eat, but it’s a small player in a big game. Think about your mouth for a minute…

  • Was your last professional cleaning more then 6 months ago?
  • Do you brush less then 2 times a day?
  • Do you skip flossing?
  • Do you skip mouthwash?
  • Do you drink less then 8 glasses of water a day?
  • Do you like sugary drinks and foods?
  • Do you have acid reflux?
  • Do you smoke?

Answer ‘yes’ to any of these? Maybe food isn’t the only factor to blame. Your bad breath could be coming from any of the above reasons. Answer yes to 3 or more? Even if you think your breath is fine, there is probably something your friends aren’t telling you….


Brushing and flossing

Our mouths are full of good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria start to overgrow and create environments for more bad bacteria within 12 hours. 12 hours!! This is why it is SO important to brush in the morning and before bed!

Brushing removes the bacteria before it has a chance to harden on to your teeth. Once its hard, your brush can no longer remove it, which is why it is so important to see a dental hygienist at least twice a year to have the hard and soft deposits removed professionally.

AND I know you hate that darn floss so much!!! BUT floss, floss picks, interdental brushes, WaterPiks, and AirFlossers are the only tools that are able to get in-between your teeth! (whichever tool you find that works for you will work great! Just PLEASE, find SOMETHING!)

Think about how fast the bacteria can grow and harden in-between your teeth, if you never clean in-between them! IT ONLY TAKES 3 DAYS for it to HARDEN! GROSS right!?


Mouthwash is another partner in crime against bad breath. There are studies that compare a group of people that brush 2x and floss 1x a day, with a group that do the same but use antibacterial mouthwash 2x daily as well. Know what they found? The group that used mouthwash had less areas of gingivitis and more areas of healthy gums then the first group. Bonus? It leaves you with that healthy, fresh breath feeling! Get that mouth “kissable”!

Bacteria and Sugar

Know what bacteria’s favorite food is? SUGAR! You’ve been hearing it for years, sugar is one of our worst enemies! Well here’s another reason to cut back. Bacteria in your mouth use the sugar you eat as their dinner as well. The result? Acid. This acid is what eats away at your teeth to cause cavities, but can also make your mouth have that bad sour taste/breath.

So eat/drink less sugar and more water during your day! Your mouth will thank you!


Our bodies are 50-75% water. We love it. We NEED it. It’s the main way to move the waste out of our body. Our mouths love it because it helps keep our whistles wet and the pH in our mouth neutral. All which supports optimal oral health and fresh breath.


Smoking is a large topic to cover. But in a nutshell, we know that it doesn’t help achieve fresh breath. It contributes to periodontal disease and loss of teeth. If you are thinking about quitting talk to your dental hygienist, doctor, or your pharmacist, we are here to help you!

So now you know about the villains, fight against bad breath with the best players you can get!

  1. Your toothbrush!
  2. Floss!
  3. Mouthwash!
  4. WATER!

Behind on your regular dental hygiene visit? Give me a call and we can schedule your appointment right away!

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